Cinemagraph idea

I have found inspiration in the art of cinemagraphs from Ann Street Studio’s website. The cinemagraph i was inspired by is below. The website link for this cinemagraph is¬†

I have decided i want to make my own cinemagraph and have come up with a few ideas.


The first idea i had inspired by the above would be to create a cinemagraph of my dog sitting in front of a fireplace and the fire roaring behind him.

To do this, i would need to take a photo of my dog by the fire and capture a video of the fire roaring and my dog sitting there. I would then need to mask in the fire roaring into the photograph. I used two video tutorials to make my cinema graph.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 and After Effects CS6 to mask and separate the video into layers by rasterising it. I also slowed down the fire roaring as i felt it was too fast and it would look more realistic if it was slower. The GIF is also colour graded with curves and levels to make it look less red toned. I also removed some grain. I am not sure why but the video and photographs i took were slightly grainy, the only reason i can put this down to is that the lighting was not great so in the future i am going to make sure i used external lighting in my projects.

grain and mask

(Details of the remove grain i used and the mask i drew)

levels curves

(The curves and levels effect settings i used).

The final cinema graph i created is below.


I am very happy with the results. I am only unhappy with the low quality of the GIF. I tried to find different ways to resolve this but it seemed like there is not much you can do about it.