Colour Grade

I was inspired by this video on Vimeo.

I think the video above is so ethereal and professionally done it must have taken a long time to get it to that high standard of perfection.

I wanted to create a shot that felt like it was in the same forest with the same sort of colour grading – dark and mysterious.

For some of my show reel i filmed some clips in Lodmoor Country Park. I got a nice shot of some foliage on a tree and decided to colour grade it to make it more of a ‘forest at winter’ look with shades of green and blue in it. ¬†For this I used, Adobe After Effects CS 6.

I also felt that the clip was quite ‘grainy’ for some reason, i think it was to do with the ISO setting I had on my camera at the time of filming. I used the ‘remove grain’ effect control to take some of this out. For the colour grading I used the Curves, Levels and Colour Balance effect controls.

Below are some screenshots of the effect controls i used.

Curves and Levels Remove Grain and Colour Balance

I am very happy with the overall clip of the colour grading as i feel it conveys the ideas that i originally set out to do. I would have liked to film and edit the clip again as i feel the graininess is too visible for my liking. I would need more guidance on how to film this clip with more lighting and more attention to the ISO in the future to make it less grainy. I also feel that a macro lens would be a good investment for these types of shots, especially if i were to do a video like the inspiration for the said clip above.

The video below is a final breakdown of the colour grading i did for the clip.


Stock for Blu Ray Menu

Stock for Blu Ray Menu

For the main menu part i have decided to use some stock footage of city roads at night. I chose to do this as i thought it would be quite hard for me to film and find a more expensive and stylish car to film being driven down a road and also the road in the footage i chose is a lot more city like which fits into the how the film was set in Los Angeles, California. I chose the stock footage on this website named ‘NYC Traffic Time Lapse (Free to Use HD Stock Footage)‘ I did like the daytime version but thought it would look more stylish set at night.

Drive Blu Ray Menu

I have decided i am going to do a DVD Menu for Drive.

I am not sure whether to use some stock footage or film my own for it.

I want the footage to be at night as that’s when Ryan Gosling drove in the film.

I have looked through the websites linked on this website to find some stock footage for the DVD Menu.

I have decided it will be easier to use stock footage as i will not be able to find a more expensive, stylish car to film.

I want to include a shot of cars driving on the main menu, a speedometer going up on the extras menu and either a a foot pedal being used or a gear stick being used for the last menu that i have not chosen yet.

I also want to include a motion blur effects on the buttons to go along with the ‘Drive’ theme.