Rocket 3D Modelling

I was inspired by the film Gravity to create a sequence of a rocket in space and the interior of the rocket. I decided to use the 3D software by Autodesk called Maya. I created 7 different sequences of a rocket flying through space, the planets in space, the inside of the rocket, birds eye and close up shots of the rocket coming towards the screen. This involved modelling the rocket first of all which was done by using the polygons tool and extruding and adjusting the edges etc to create the shape desired. The planets/space was created by using textures and shaders. The interior of the rocket involved looking at different images on Google and taking inspiration as to what sort of things are in a real rocket and including what i thought would look good in my particular creation. The fire was a particle effect used in the programme.

I used 3D modelling for this clip. After i completed each sequence, they were rendered in Maya individually as images to which i then edited them all into one video for this assignment with the programme Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Then i uploaded it to Vimeo. Unfortunately, i do not have any screen shots of this project i worked on in Maya as my external hard drive broke that had the project files on.

I am mostly happy with the results of this clip. I think it looks well put together as a sequence but i also feel that it is very obvious that there is two different designs of the rocket in it as i had to model a second rocket due to my project file disappearing. I also wish i had added more texture and colour to the interior of the rocket.

The final video is below.



For our current assignment we are to make 5 clips which include our own visual effect content for our future showreels. We are to include : Greenscreen, set extension, 3D modeling, 2D and 3D camera tracking, compositing, and colour grading.

I was researching green screen techniques and found that the film ‘The Great Gatbsy’ had some great scenes where green screen was used by the visual effects company Rising Sun Pictures, i was inspired simpy the scene of Mr Gatsby raising a glass with fireworks going off behind him. It inspired me to make a scene where someone would be infront of a different background. This is where my idea came from to make Dan look like he was in Sahara Dessert with the wind flowing through his hair.

I have linked the video and screenshotted the scene i am referring to below :


(Video Here)

For my first clip I am using the techniques of green screen and set extension. The clip consists of my classmate Dan walking on sand dunes in the Sahara. The clip was filmed in the TV studio with a greenscreen background and an assistant to ‘flap’ a piece of cardboard as if the wind was hitting his hair. For this clip I used Adobe After Effects CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6.  Before I chroma keyed the footage I had to Photoshop the background to get rid of some people in the background otherwise you would be able to see errors with proportions of them to Dan.

Here is an image of the original and the people in the background gone. peopleno people screenshot2

The screenshot above shows what the image & video clip of Dan looked like once it was chromakeyed onto the background. I then found there was part of the video clip which looked odd around his top and discovered it was because there is some green on his t-shirt.


To get rid of the funny parts around his t-shirt I had to mask it for each movement in the video clip to make it so the chromakey does not affect the colours in his t-shirt.  Once I had finished the chroma keying and masking, I needed to colour correct the scene to make it as though Dan was definitely in the Sahara, for this I used curves, brightness and contrast, colour balance, levels and i also added grain. I then added a vignette effect around the edges to make the clip slightly more ‘older’ looking. The video below is a breakdown of the clip i made.

<p><a href=”″>Sahara Breakdown</a> from <a href=”″>Christina Vincent</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>